Workshop 1 – Partnering for Green Solutions
13.30 – 16.30, Aarhus Concert Hall

Partnership for Green solutions

China and Denmark face similar challenges of lack of clean, affordable energy, risks of environmental pollution and contamination, scarcity of clean water and rapidly growing cities and regions.

A focus on producing, consuming and managing sustainable energy, ensuring water security, correct environmental treatment and creating smart, green and liveable cities are also critical factors. However, no single technology or sector can achieve this transition alone. Creating green societies and blue skies require an integrated approach where solving multiple challenges through partnerships is the key.

By attending this track you will get an insight and:

  • Obtain examples of how energy efficiency can be achieved in both domestic and industrial contexts
  • Discuss the challenges with water and see how even wastewater can enhance energy efficiency and circular economy
  • Understand how climate change adaption and cleansing of soil can solve multiple challenges and improve the environment
  • Discover how collaboration and dialogue are central elements in the green transition shown through excellent examples of cross-border partnerships


Workshop 2 – Partnering for Health & Eldercare
13.30 – 16.30, Aarhus Concert Hall

Partnership for Health, eldercare and chronic diseases

Cities and regions in China and Denmark are facing similar challenges: how to provide healthcare to an aging population who lives longer and who thus suffers an increasing number of chronic diseases. This track investigates the Danish and joint Danish/Chinese solutions to the rising expenditures and increasing demands for healthcare and eldercare services.

By attending this track you will:

  • Gain knowledge of some of the advanced welfare technologies that are implemented in Denmark
  • Learn about a real business case where a Danish municipality has evaluated new technology based on certain parameters prior to purchase
  • Obtain examples of how Danish solutions are developed in cooperation with the end-user
  • Acquire concrete input on how to improve the quality of health education
  • Experience Danish elder care at first hand

*Mental care and treatment of chronic diseases in primary care and hospitals


Workshop 3 – Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture & Food
13.30 – 16.30, Aarhus Concert Hall

Partnership for Agriculture and Food

China and Denmark share the same visions and goals for their agricultural sectors: to produce safe food of a high quality with environmental care.

High standards of safety in the production of food is a complex issue as it involves all stages of a fully comprehensive production chain to give consumers confidence in getting safe and nutritious food .

This track presents the core rationales and high-end AGRI-Tech solutions for achieving a sustainable production of safe and high quality food products

This track offers:

  • Overview of the Danish [administrative/regulative] approach to sustainable agriculture
  • Presentation of some of the most advanced AGRI-Tech solutions in Denmark
  • Key knowledge on sustainable reuse of animal manure as fertilizer
  • Learn about the dairy cooperative movement in Denmark
  • Examples of Danish-Chinese cooperation in this field

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