Site visits

1. Focus on Sustainable cities and regions, energy efficiency, sponge cities – visit to Green Tech Center and Resilience House in Vejle – visit to Danfoss in Soenderborg and Green District Heating, Project Zero (carbon). Visit to passive houses and energy efficient buildings.

2. Focus on Water and how we handle wastewater, clean water and surface water – visit to advanced water plant in Aarhus and visit to industrial water treatment and recirculation plant at Arla – one of the world’s leading dairy producers. Visit to Grundfos Center in Bjerringbro to look at Sponge Cities and solutions to handle surface water and heavy rain and flooding.

3. Focus on Climate adaption and soil contamination – visit to contaminated sites to explore innovative methods of remediation and cases of how to adapt to climate change. Visit both urban sites of simple contamination and a complex industrial site (Høfde 42) in the western part of Central Denmark Region. Learn about a big European program for Cities and Region in climate change adaption – relevance for the Chinese Sponge Cities.

4. Focus on the cooperation at different levels(city/region/state) within health, dementia, rehabilitation and elder care and become inspired by visits to DokkX (a showcase for care technology in Aarhus), VIA University College Campus Health and the rehabilitation center and elder care center in Viborg.

5. Focus on primary health care, hospitals and chronic diseases and mental health – Visit to Aarhus University Hospital, a local health center in Aarhus and a hospital in Vejle

6. Focus on agriculture to produce safe food of a high quality with environmental care. This track presents the core rationales and high-end AGRI-Tech solutions for achieving a sustainable production of safe and high quality food products. Visits Agro Food Park in Aarhus and a cow farm near Aarhus. Visit to an organic egg producer with Chinese partners and a bioenergy plant near Horsens.

7. Focus on food sustainable production of safe and high quality food products. Visit to Agro Food Park in Aarhus and Arla Nativa Global Innovation Center. Visit to organic food producer Aarstiderne and Danish Crown in Horsens – a world leading seller of pork products.

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